The first bookmobile in the United States was started by Librarian Mary Titcomb in 1905—you can read more of the details at WHILBR and PBS.

The first Bookmobile in Vermont started in 1922. Service was suspended in 1974 for almost 20 years but was later resurrected. Here is an overview from 2001 and if you want to read more, check at your local library for Vermont Life Magazine—Bookmobiles are Back!—Volume 128, Spring 2004 by Ann Marie Giroux.

Rutland Vermont Bookmobile

Today there are still some Bookmobiles operating in Vermont.
Here is a list of our "Brave Bookmobiles".

Research assistance provided by Amy Howlett of the Vermont Department
of Libraries and June Osowski of the Rutland Free Library.

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